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Easy Reports - Learning Center

Getting Started

Before you get started, watch these two videos to give your self a high level introduction.

Overview using pre-defined data models click here

Overview creating your own data model click here

Creating a Report 1

This exercise will walk you through creating your first report using the inventory area data model. You will learn how to start a new report and select fields for your report and do some basic formatting. click here

Matrix Report

Here you will learn how to use column layouts to create a matrix report. click here

Column Layouts

Here you will learn how to use column layouts to add month and year total columns to a report. click here

Calculated Columns

Learn how to add columns to a report based on calculations performed on other columns. click here


Learn how to format numbers and dates for a column. click here

Date Filters

Learn how to setup date parameters so that filters are defaulted on reports. click here


Learn how to make a copy of an existing report for editing. click here

Merged Report

Learn how to take two reports and merge them when printing. click here


Learn how to setup permissions to restrict users to reports they can use. click here

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