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App Development
Business Central

As the architect for your solution you need someone that has done this before and understands the need to build the underlying framework so that your product can evolve over years instead of getting stuck in an ever complicated cycle of bug management.


To meet this need, consider someone with the following skills

  • Deep knowledge of software development preferably in Dynamics Business Central

  • Knowledge of accounting and business processes

  • Domain knowledge of the industry and sector being targeted by  your application

  • Ability to communicate with users, employees and developers, translating requirements to actionable items for programmers.

Often you will find someone with one or two of the skills, but having the ability to fill all these roles is rare. With us you get deep knowledge of software development, knowledge of service sector, manufacturing and distribution business processes and after three decades of developing for a diverse spectrum of sub-sectors we probably already have the domain knowledge required for your business. Success of your solution requires someone that can bring all the skills for your benefit, contact us so we can continue the conversation.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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