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Power BI

Use our cubes to get insights into your business, Our solution takes minutes to install and comes with ready to use reports so you can get to analyzing your business metrics.


Our cubes work with the Power BI free account. We provide data limiting features so you stay under the 10GB limit.  We also provide consulting services to add any measure or dimension you want. See details about our cubes below.

Sales cube

Gain insights into your sales data. View Bookings for the month and year, Look at what's selling best with our Top 10 views. See outstanding orders and much more. The sales cube combines open orders with posted invoices, credit memos, shipment and sales return data so all you have to do is point and click.


Inventory Cube

The inventory cube allows you to look at data from multiple sources. Combine Purchasing, Sales, Production, Service and Assembly order data in one report. View quantity, cost and sales measures for all. The inventory cube uses Item ledger and Value Entry tables as source along with all related tables


The manufacturing cube combines data from the inventory ledger on consumption and output with run times and other capacity parameters to give you a view of everything. Look at work center productivity. Compare measures month over month to spot changes in performance. Select a production item to see consumption and scrap quantity. Compare cost to manufacture and more.


Jobs Cube

Monitor how work is progressing through the month. Look at an overview of projects assigned to a PM.  See chargeable hours through the month as they are recorded.  Compare budget to actuals. Drill down from a Job to its tasks to see cost and profitability. The cube uses Job Ledger, Job Task,  budget data from Job Planning Lines and related tables like Resource, Item, G/L  to give you one view of your information.


Our pricing makes it affordable no matter the size of your organization. With our App, you get two reporting tools. The original Easy Reports built into Business Central and the Power BI cubes. 

Easy Reports App (required)  - starting at $150 USD /mo, 10 user license*.

Power BI cubes are $200 USD /mo*

Sign-up for a 30 day free trial by clicking the link below

* prices subject to change at any time. Not valid for on-premis subscriptions

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