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Any Table

  • Select multiple tables

  • Custom tables supported

  • Join tables by simply selecting fields

  • Apply filters on any field​

  • Use our Dynamic date filters to automatically apply date filters

Any Field

  • Select fields across tables in any order

  • Auto detection of measures

  • Custom fields supported

Any Formula

  • Create your own formula

  • Use excel like syntax 

Build your own Data Model

Business Central Report Writer

Business Central Report Writer

40 Business Central Reports Included

  • Sales Orders Daily trend (displays bookings by day)

  • Sales Order Invoicing Daily trend

  • Sales Order Summary

  • Sales Orders Open

  • Sales Shipments next 4 weeks

  • Sales Shipments next 4 weeks by customer

  • Sales by Item category trailing 4 weeks

  • Sales Order Invoiced trailing 4 weeks

  • Sales Returns trailing 4 weeks

  • Sales Shipped not Invoiced

  • Inventory Turnover

  • Item On-hand for Shipped Inventory trailing 4 weeks

  • Customer Item Sale w Serial Number

  • Customer Item Sale w Lot Number

  • Item Sales

  • Item Purchases trailing 4 weeks

  • Item Transfers trailing 4 weeks

  • Item Adjustments trailing 4 weeks

  • Item Produced current week

  • Item Consumed current week

  • Purchase Receipts next 4 weeks

  • Purchase by Item category trailing 4 weeks

  • Purchase Order Invoiced trailing 4 weeks

  • Purchase Returns trailing 4 weeks


  • Job Inventory Consumed

  • Job Resource Hours by Month

  • Job Profitability by Task w Budget

  • Job Cost vs Billing by Project Manager

  • AP Aged Payables

  • Vendor Invoice Activity

  • AR Aged Receivable

  • AR Days To Pay

  • Customer Open Balance w Credit limit

  • G/L Income Statement Accounts

  • G/L Balance Sheet Accounts

  • G/L Revenue Detail

  • G/L Expense Detail

  • G/L Cost of Goods

  • G/L Asset Account Detail

  • G/L Liabilities

Don't See a report, contact us. We will add it to the next release.
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