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Credit Card Purchase

Purchases Model

The purchase area model combines open purchase orders with posted purchase receipts, returns, invoicing and credit memos. Create reports, picking from fields across these documents. Visualize in Chart view. Reports in this area support drill down, flow fields and can be filtered. It includes 4 reports to get you started.

To learn more about creating reports using the designer click here 

Explanation of Fields

Purchase reporting brings together open PO's with posted documents. In order to make reporting easier the quantity field has been expanded into fields for open PO's,  shipped, invoices and returns. Similarly separate fields are available for Item, Resource and G/L entry types. Below you will find further detail on each field


The Purchase area reports allow you to select any field from the following tables. Vendor, Item, Location, Resource, G/L Account,  Item Category 

Dimensions and Measures are available from Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Cr. Memo, Purchase Receipt, Purchase Return,  


When creating reports it is important to set filters in order to get the expected results. The following filters are available

Buy-from Vendor No, Purchaser, Location, Type, No, Item Category, Date Filter, Dimension 1,2

Date Filter - The date filter is applied to the posting date. See below for date filter options on open purchase orders

Filter Planned Receipt Date - Use this check box to filter open orders on planned shipment date

Exclude Open Orders - This check box is useful if you only want posted documents in your results

Text Fields

The following Text and Date fields are available for PO reporting

Item No., Variant Code,

Resource No., G/L Account No.

Order No., Document No.

Order Date, Receipt Date,

Buy-from Vendor No.

Location Code, Unit of Measure Code 

Item Category Code

Dimension 1,2

Decimal Fields

The following fields are available.

Order Amount Outstanding  & Order Quantity Outstanding- This is the remaining value on open orders

Invoiced  Amount & Invoice Amount Including VAT - Displays value from posted invoices. VAT = TAX

Credited Amount & Credited Amount including VAT - Displays value of posted purchase credit memos

Invoiced w Credit Amount & Invoiced w Credit Amt Incl VAT - Fields combine invoice and credit memos into one value.

Item Quantity Outstanding, Item Quantity Invoiced (Note this field includes credit memos)

Item Quantity Shipped, Item Quantity Returned, Item Qty Shipped w Returns

Resource Quantity fields similar to Item Quantity fields available

G/L Quantity fields similar to Item Quantity fields available

Tip For PO reports, filter on Exclude  Open Orders if you only want posted documents

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