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Merged Reports

The merge report feature covers scenarios where you need to combine two sources of information into one. For example, you have a report that displays open sales order information from Business Central and a separate report that has posted sales invoice data. You can combine the two reports and display the information from each using merge reports.

First you must create the two reports to be merged. If you need help creating reports with the Table option, see our post "Data Modeling with the Table Area Option". Make sure that columns between the reports match. For example, if Column A is Customer Name, make sure the 2nd report also sets column A as customer name. If a corresponding column is not available in the second report, skip the column and leave the field blank.

Now let's get started creating the merged report.

  • Create a new report and select "Tables" from the Area dropdown.

  • Click designer, then in the designer page click Table 1

  • Click Table Name and Type Merged Report

  • Click Date Filter Field Name and select "Date Filter"

  • Close the window.

  • Click the CC_Merged Report to re-open the Table Options page.

  • Click Merge Report 1 and select your first report to merge

  • Click Merge Report 2 and select your second report to merge

Note your report numbers will be different

  • Click Close.

Now try out the report.

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