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Easy Report Writer for
Dynamics Business Central

Now with Power BI cubes for Sales, Manufacturing, Jobs and Inventory

Any table Any field, Excel like formulas. 40 Reports Pre-built more here

Easy Report Writer for Microsoft Business Central

Version 3.0 released

Introducing Power BI support in Easy Reports. Benefit from the visualizations in Power BI and the ease of use of our report writer. You now get two report writers in one subscription. Use Power BI for the C-suite and our report writer inside Business Central for your operational reporting needs.

Combine this with our other released features like the ability to select any table and any field from your database. You can quickly create compelling reports will full control on how you link tables together. Use our enhanced calculations capabilities to create your own excel like formulas. Merge two reports into one.

Design flow of data on paper
Computer Store

Application Development
Business Central

Design, Coding, Life Cycle Support

Need to enhance Business Central, write reports or integrate it with your other line of business apps. We have deep expertise in all areas of the application. As part of your team we can help you get more automation and productivity from your investment.

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