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Business Central Login

If you are using the Business Central cloud based service, your logins URL is + /tenantId + /environment name. Typically you don't need the tenantId or environment name. Business Central (BC) can figure that out from your Azure login.

If you are on a On-Premise version, or use an Azure virtual machine (a form of on-premise install) then things can get complicated. A single server install is simple. Your login URL will be the address to that server + /BC or + /BCXXX (if defaults were selected). The XXX should be replaced with the BC version, for example version 19 would be 190. If you are in a two or three tier setup where the BC service is running on a different computer than the web server (IIS), then you need to know the URL to the web server (IIS) to login using a browser.

If on the other hand if you need to connect VS Code to BC on-premise, you need the URL for the BC server. Most likely this will be a http connection (that is the default) where as the browser login connection is over https.

If you have a test / dev instance running on the same server as your production server, you will need the correct port as the two services cannot share the same port.

Hope this helps, as I have often needed to look this up to remind my self of how these things come together.

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