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Calculated Columns

Use calculated columns to display the result of excel like formulas that you create in your report. In the example below, we will create a formula to divide one column from another, effectively creating a ratio between quantity shipped and quantity purchased. We call it turnover. Lets get started.

Click in a blank column and add the Calculated Column field to your report.

Next click in the Calculation row and enter a formula (e.g D/C, column D divide by column C).

Now run the report. Optionally choose the PercentNoSign formatting option. It will multiply the result of D/C by 100.

You can enter formulas that do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Additionally you can use a parenthesis. The parenthesis can only be used in the beginning of a formula for example (A+B)/C. If your denominator is complex and needs to use parenthesis, consider using two calculated columns to accomplish the calculation.

Duration - Calculating the difference between two date columns

One calculation that is a special case is the calculation two dates. You can use the "Date" prefix to have the system compute the difference between two dates for example Date D - E.

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