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Column Layouts

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Column layouts is one way to structure a report to display data from different time periods in distinct columns. Here we explore how to use column layouts and the different options available.

To get started, click the Options button in Designer

In this blog we explore "Custom" layouts. This feature allows you to create reports with different date periods for each column. Let's get started.

Click on the Column Layout field and select Custom.

Next select Custom 1 Layout and select MTD

In Column 2 Layout select YTD

Now print the report.

As the columns suggest you will get month to date and year to date columns for each measure in your report. Below are more layouts that you can select from.

Day 1-30 Day 31-60 Day 61-90 Day 61+ Day 90+

These columns are used to create AR Aging type reports with 30, 60 and 90 day columns

ITD MTD MTD Prior Month YTD YTD Prior Year WTD WTD Prior Week

Inception to Date column layout gives you all data up to the max date in your date filter.

MTD and YTD use calendar dates. There are also Fiscal MTD and Fiscal YTD selections available.

Next Month Out 2 Months Out 3 Months

Next & Out 2, 3 Month column layouts set a date range in the future, and are used for outstanding sales orders where shipment dates out in the future are setup.

Current Month Prior Month

Current month and Prior Month are similar to MTD and Prior MTD except it includes all dates in a month

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