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Formatting decimal and date values

We provide several formats to affect how decimal and date values print on the report. Below is a listing of the formats and an explanation of each. You set a format by clicking in the Formatting row and selecting one of the formats.

Date Formats

Date Day

Day of the month 01 - 31

Date Day Text

Weekday abbreviation Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri etc

Date Month

Month value 01-12

Date Month Text

Month abbreviation Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr etc

Date Month Text-Year

Month abbreviation with year Jan 2022, Feb 2022

Date Month-Year

Month and Year numeric 01-2022, 02-2022

Date Year

Year only 2021, 2022

Date Year-Month

Year and Month numeric 2022-01, 2022-02

Decimal Formatting


Number without the decimals, example 86 or -86


Number without the sign, example 86 or 89.56


Combination of the above two, example 86


Decimal value multiplied with 100. Eg 0.1645 = 16.45


Decimal value multiplied with 100, no decimals e.g 16


Multiplies a decimal value with -1, example -5 = 5


Multiplies a decimal value with -1, no decimals displayed


Uses the unit decimal setup from General Ledger Setup

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