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Touch - Shop floor time collection

Time collection on the shop floor is an important tool to ensure accurate costing on production orders, streamlining shift time entry, and reducing variances. Our solution is built entirely in Business Central and gives you the choice of barcode assisted or touch based data entry.

Barcode or Touch

Speed up data entry by using either barcodes or a touch enabled screen. Give your users the choice. Barcode when it’s available or touch screen based selection. Choice makes it more likely that your users will use the feature.

Device Login

Speed of data entry is important when multiple users share a computer. Our barcode enabled sign-in is fast and efficient. Users clock-in using a simple barcode scan, this also intelligently starts a new shift. 

Standard vs Actual cost

When posting time to a production order, override the cost on a work center with the actual cost. This feature is optional but can give you accurate finished good cost.

Daily Time Card

It is important to capture production time accurately and in a timely fashion. With our app you have complete flexibility. 

Post production time as you capture or at the end of the shift. Track time daily and have it all transfer seamlessly to the users timesheet.

Shift Time

When you sign-in for the day a new time card is created and the start time is captured automatically. With the touch of a button you can log going and returning from breaks. At the end of the day, review your time card, make any adjustments needed and close your shift.

Export Time for Payroll

We provide an export so you can take your shop time and update your payroll system. Our earnings code setup ensures that time recorded is as accurate as possible and no data editing is required.

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