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Artificial Intelligence for business process automation

Artificial intelligence today is being applied in many applications. AI can monitor the power consumption, temperature and other telemetry from machinery in a manufacturing environment and using models, predict when a machine may fail. Fast food restaurants are starting to use voice to text and AI to enter the drive through order. Context of the environment (restaurant menu) allows AI to improve accuracy over a person trying to listen in over the background noise from a speaker. Farming is evaluating AI for crop spraying. Cameras combined with AI can target and identify weed over the plant you are trying to grow and cover acres of land. Fascinating if you ask me.

When it comes to business processes, it is said that over 80% of processes involve movement of paper / PDF. Anytime you have information being exchanged from one organization to the other, paper/PDF is used. The recipient then has to open the document and key it into the internal system. This is where the opportunity presents itself. With vision AI, computers can read these PDF's like a human would and robotic automation can then enter the information in your internal system. The accuracy of such activity depends on how well your model has been trained to understand the context of the information. That takes work and knowledge but AI is making these solutions available to everyone.

For the first time in my career it seems that the promise of integrated systems where your partner company system integrates with yours can be achieved and you don't need to depend on "EDI" to achieve this.

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