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Permission Sets

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Permission Sets in Business Central allow you to control read and write access to specific functionality. We leverage this feature to give you the ability to restrict access to reports a user can run.

Easy report comes with predefined permission sets. We have permission sets for each area of the system that you can use to restrict users to run reports only in the "Area" you allow. See screenshot below of permission sets.

You will see "Run Only" permission sets and a "Super Run All" area permission set.

Unless you are a super user in Business Central you should be assigned the Easy Report All user permission and one or more of the Run Only permissions.

To add permissions to a user do the following...

  1. Go to Users and select a user to assign permissions.

  2. Click "User Permission Set" fast tab to expand if collapsed

  3. Click on a new line and add "Easy Report All users" permission set. This is always selected for all non-super users.

  4. Add "Easy Report Run Inventory Only" (as an example, to give a user permission to run reports where the "Area" is inventory.

  5. Repeat step 4 for other areas.

Note: "Easy Reports Super Run All" permission allows a user to run all reports (but not design).

Reports that use the "Table" area have internal logic to resolve to one of the other areas. For example, If a "Table" area report uses the item ledger, it will resolve to "Inventory" area permissions.

Easy Report Designer - This permission set allows you to give a user the ability to create reports. Keep in mind that the permission set allows a user to create any report but they are still restricted to running reports based on the other permissions given.

Easy Report Manage - This permission set allows you to go to the web portal and manage your subscription (add / remove user licenses etc).

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