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Jobs Model

The Jobs area model allows the user to select from the Customer, Job, Job Task, Resource, Item, G/L Account and Job Ledger fields. All text, integer, decimal, option / enum and boolean fields from the Customer and Job tables are available to select on reports. With 4 Reports pre-built, you can get started as you create your own reports. Visualize in Chart view. Reports in this area support drill down, flow fields and can be filtered.

To learn more about creating reports using the designer click here 

Explanation of Fields

Jobs reporting is centered around the job ledger table. In order to make reporting easier the amount and quantity fields have been expanded into fields for Resource, Item, G/L, Usage and Invoicing. 


The Jobs area reports allow you to select any field from the following tables. Job, Job Task, Customer, Item,, Resource, G/L Account, Work Type.

Dimensions and Measures are available from Job Ledger


When creating reports it is important to set filters in order to get the expected results. The following filters are available

Job No, Bill-to Customer No., Blocked, Status, Job Posting Group, Project Manager, Person Responsible, Posting Date, Dimension 1,2

Text  and Date Fields

The following fields are available from the Job Ledger table

Job No., Job Task No.

Document No.

Document Date, Posting Date

Resource No, Item No, G/L Account No.  and Resource Group No.

Unit of Measure Code,, Location Code

Job Posting Code, Work Type Code

Customer Price Group, Shpt. Method Code

Source Code, Reason Code

Dimensions 1 through 8

Tip If reporting on any of these fields remember to set filters

Amount and Quantity Fields

The following fields are available.

The quantity field is broken out into fields based on the job ledger Type Field. They Type field has three choices, Resource, Item and G/L Account. Based on the Type field we get the following you can select from.

Resource Quantity, Resource Invoiced Quantity,

Item Quantity, Item Quantity Invoiced,

G/L Quantity, G/L Quantity Invoiced.


The amount fields are broken out into fields based on the job ledger Entry Type Fields. The Entry Type field has two options Usage and Sale. Based on the Entry Type field we get the following fields you can select from.

Entry Type = Usage

Total Cost, Total Price, Line Amount

Entry Type - Sale

Total Cost Invoiced, Total Price Invoiced, Line Amount Invoiced, Line Discount

Tip If reporting on any of these fields remember to set filters

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