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Getting the Bill

Accounts Payable Model

The Accounts Payable area model allows the user to select from the Vendor and Vendor Ledger fields. Includes 4 Reports to get started. Visualize in Chart view. Reports in this area support drill down, flow fields and can be filtered. To learn more about creating reports using the designer click here 

Explanation of Fields

Accounts Payable reporting is centered around the vendor ledger table. In order to make reporting easier the amount field has been expanded into fields for Invoice, Credit Memo, Finance Charge and Reminder. 


When creating reports it is important to set filters in order to get the expected results. The following filters are available

Vendor No, Blocked, Vendor Posting Group, Posting Date, Dimension 1 .. 8, Purchaser and General Business Posting Group, Open, Document Type

Text and Date Fields

The following fields are available. from the vendor Ledger

Vendor No, Buy-from Customer No,

Document No, External Document No.

Purchaser Code, Payment Method Code,

Document Date, Posting Date

Vendor Posting Group, Source Code, Reason Code, IRS 1099 Code

Dimensions 1 through 8

Amount Fields

The following fields are available.

Amount $ - This is the amount field from the vendor ledger. It is the field to use when summing all different types of document amounts.

Remaining Amount $  - Shows value of invoice unpaid

Invoice Amount $ - Shows amount for document type Invoice

Credit Memo Amount $- Shows amount from any credit memos posted

Payment Amount $ - Shows payments made by customer

Sales $ - This is Amount $ less any taxes (i.e. net sale amount). This is the Sales $ field from customer ledger.

Finance Charge Memo $, Reminder$, Refund $ - These amounts are from documents posted from the finance, reminder or refund activity

Tip If creating an aged payable type report, filter on Open documents and select beginning balance for matrix view

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