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Cloud 2.0: beyond software as a service

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

As small to medium sized organizations move from on-premise to the cloud, they are beginning to understand the value of software as a service. Freeing your organization to do what it does best and leaving the maintenance of servers and software to the experts. As this trend starts to accelerate, a new wave of services are starting to emerge. These services are made possible by the stitching together of multiple software services on the cloud. Have you ever wondered how an airline is able to text you no matter what part of the world you live in. Most likely this is because of Twilio which provides the cloud infrastructure. How about when you sign-in to your favorite website, most likely the secure login feature comes from a company like Okta. Think of these services as the operating system (OS) in the cloud. Every software package relies on an operating system, in the cloud, these SAAS providers serve the same need.

With these OS services, software developers are building more robust and complex solutions. Using Okta for secure login, Mongo db for database services, Twilo for text and email services, allows the developer to concentrate on the domain knowledge area of their choice. With the wide adoption of these tools, the next wave is starting to emerge. The next wave is for companies to move aspects of their operations to the cloud. Just like many companies outsource their payroll processing to ADP or PayChex, you can now find companies that will automate your processes using artificial intelligence. Call center services provider Ring central is just such an example. It's robotic automation can answer many of the simpler questions but is intelligent enough to understand sentiment. So when a human on the other end is getting irritated, it will hand-off the conversation to a call center person.

Examples like these are emerging everywhere. They not only help the enterprise control cost, it also takes the human out of answering simple requests to free up their time for more complex problems.

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