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Calculating sales bookings

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

If you are a Dynamics Business Central user you probably have been looking for a bookings report. The issue with calculating bookings in Dynamics Business Central is that the sales order is eventually deleted so you cannot print historical bookings numbers.

Recently I was tasked to re-create this report for our Easy Reports app and thanks to the client, the solution is quite simple. To calculate bookings you have to re-create the original amount on the sales order. In theory if you combine "Outstanding Amount" with "Amount" from posted invoices you can get to the bookings number. The issue is that posted invoices are recorded using posting dates and orders created will have multiple posting dates, so that is not a solution.

The solution was to create the report based on "Order Date". This is the one date that is unchanged across invoices.

If you are looking for a bookings report or other reports, see our Easy Reports app.

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