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Shortcut to Creating Reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Did you know that there are over 500 reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central, and yet try to find that report you want, why did Microsoft not think of adding just the field you want.

Well, now you can do just that without writing any code. With Easy Report Writer creating a report is like entering data on a Business Central page. A few clicks to select fields and that's it, you have a report. You can learn more about it by going to our easy reports page here but let me make the case for why.

If you have a custom report built or use a package like Jet Reports your starting cost is around $10,000, but if you subscribe, you can use the package for a low a $100 / month. That's 8 years of a subscription paid for. Now you might be thinking that it can't do what a custom report gives you and you would be correct up to a point. In my experience 90+ % of the time people are trying to get data out of their system with some capability to format and do calculations, if that sounds like you, I ask that you try it out.

Now let me address that question of fields. A common question is, what fields are available. Depending on the module all fields from master tables (e.g. Item, Customer, Vendor) and many from the corresponding ledger / detail table (e.g Ledgers, Sale line, Posted Sales Invoices). If a field you want isn't available, we will add it at no extra cost.

What about add-on or custom fields. If you are using a third party add-on and the partner has enhanced Business Central, our reporting tool can be extended. In this case we would work with your partner to build their table and fields into our query/ report writer. If it's just a hand full of fields in an existing module like jobs or inventory, we can work with you directly to extend it.

Lastly if you are just looking for a specific report, check out our list of built-in reports here. If you don't see the report, chances are we can build it for you (at no charge) and include it in our growing list of reports.

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